August 18, 2022

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Premiere: Rosie Darling Debuts New Single “Water Me Down” | Under the Radar

Premiere: Rosie Darling Debuts New Single “Water Me Down”

Debut EP Coping Out April 2 Via Nettwerk Records

Feb 25, 2021

Photography by Carter Howe

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LA-based alt pop newcomer Rosie Darling is back with her newest release and details of her forthcoming debut EP, Coping. Darling debuted last year with the title track before following this year with “Heavy,” taking the turbulent experience of the past few years and turning it into shimmery introspective indie pop. Sharing via a press release, Darling describes Coping as “a time capsule, capturing the messier side of love and friendship, from heartbreak and loneliness to joyous revelry.” She’s also shared her newest single, “Water Me Down,” premiering with Under the Radar. 

Darling opens “Water Me Down” in airy alt pop fashion, covering her vocals in effects as she sings over a gentle piano line. The production provides a mercurial shifting quality to her voice, almost as if she is calling out from underwater herself, before the track shifts into a skeletal electronic beat. Darling’s vocals also become crystal clear and impassioned, delivering an immaculate glassy performance over the moody alt pop instrumental. Darling could fit in perfectly with the rising class of young emotive pop newcomers like Olivia Rodrigo, but her voice shows off a textured beauty that holds even greater depths. 

Darling says regarding the song, “After living in LA for a few years, I’ve experienced my fair share of judgment, whether in the music industry or my day-to-day friendships. As I grow, I recognize who is loving and supporting me unconditionally. “Water Me Down” is about realizing who those people are and embracing them while also being brave enough to let go of those I want to fix or change; I’ve learned the hard way that I am not responsible for their choices. This song is sort of a note to self about remembering your worth and that you are ALREADY enough. You are already “flowing over” with worth, and no one is allowed to take that away from you.” Check the song out below and watch for Coping out April 2 via Nettwerk Records.

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