January 25, 2022

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Preach Records Launches an Artist-First Record Label and Debuts Roster

New York, NY [February 24, 2021]: Preach Management announces the launch of Preach Records, in Partnership with Universal Music Group/Ingrooves and beatBread, today. Preach Records is an innovative and artist-first record label based out of Los Angeles, CA and Hamburg, Germany. Founded by LA-based Jay Cohen [CEO] and German-based Daniel Baldock [CMO], Preach Records is breaking artists on a global level; with offices in LA, London and Hamburg + partners in Canada and SE Asia. Rather than replicating the distributor model (who rarely provide artists with enough support) or the major label model (who take all of the rights and have too large/bloated rosters), Preach Records’ smaller/selective roster allows for hands-on focus from the entire team; that not only allows them to focus on playlist pitching, but instead the goal of building an artist’s career holistically to take them to the next level. With a history of breaking records in the US and in Germany/across Europe [Sir the Baptist, Dylan Dunlap, BEKA], they are uniquely positioned for streamlined success.

Preach Records has also announced their debut roster today, which includes artists ranging from many different types of genres and backgrounds. Choosing to launch a label during the pandemic was a risky move, but it hasn’t stopped Preach from signing a full roster of multi-talented artists. Many of which the Preach Records team hasn’t even physically met yet due to COVID, these artists put their full trust in a team they felt would hear their needs and work with them in tandem; signing contracts virtually with a champagne toast through Zoom. This debut roster includes: MacKenzie Bourg [The Voice, American Idol], Dear Silas, Jackson Breit, iToldLexi, Tim Riehm, Muntu. The signing of Dear Silas encompasses one of the main purposes for the launch of Preach Records. Previously signed to RCA Records, he made the decision to leave the major label world in order to control ownership of his masters and have a more engaged team around him. By joining forces with Preach RecordsDear Silas will have the freedom and support that he’s been striving for to take his career to the next level. Preach’s partnership with Muntu allows the label to step up on the Global side of things; as he is already one of the top songwriters in Germany, with 3 of the top 15 songs on radio, and is signed to Sony Music Publishing. Further reenforcing their global reach, the core Preach Records staff includes Americans (Jay Cohen, Aaron Boyd, Samantha Friske and Jack Wonham), a Hawaiian (Damon Madera), a Canadian (Victoria Giddings), an Irishman (Niall Cash), a Brit (Thando Zulu), Germans (Luisa Lion and Lea Fromme), a Swiss (Jenny Uder) and an Australian (Daniel Baldock).

Many of the large distributors sign hundreds or even thousands of recording artists, which doesn’t allow them to put the proper amount of time and focus into each project. Preach Records wants to break that pattern and fully utilize all resources to push their artists to the next level. Preach Records takes pride in the fact that they don’t trap their artists into signing multi-year/multi-album deals and they don’t take ownership of their artists’ music/masters. Rather than a “0ne-deal applies to all” approach, they focus on making every record deal customized to each individual artist’s needs.


The Big Distributors Don’t Help. 

We Do. 

The Major Labels Take Ownership. 

We Don’t. 

Preach Records. 

The Global Label for the Future.



Preach Management first launched under a different name as a concert promotions company out in Chicago; working to get artists on stages to perform across the Chicagoland area. While growing that business, Jay Cohen (CEO) always knew he wanted to expand his reach, eventually starting his own management wing of the company. A year later, Jay moved out to LA to start his management career and for the next 4 years was focused in that space, signing Ohana Bam to APG, Sir the Baptist to Atlantic Records and Marko Penn to Atlantic Records. Alongside Sir the Baptist,  they released his Spotify #1 Viral single “Raise Hell.” It all started when one of Jay’s employees (from Germany) randomly replied to one of their favorite German influencers Instagram stories [Luisa Lion]. Luisa had simply asked “any new music I should listen to?,” and with the click of a button she received “Sir the Baptist” in her inbox, and the rest is history. She happened to see the reply, listened to the song, and shared it to her own outlets. Between the size of Luisa’s following and Preach Media at that time being one of the largest influencer management companies in Europe, the song organically catapulted to the #1 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 Global Chart, later ending in Sir’s record deal with Atlantic. Now, a few years later, Luisa and her fiancé Daniel Baldock [CMO, based out of Germany] joined forces with Jay [CEO, based out of LA] and merged their companies to create the powerhouse that is Preach Records.

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