December 1, 2021

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Chung Ha on Mixing K-Pop and Latin on Querencia

“I think it’s amazing that a K-pop artist takes to heart the assignment of learning a language, and her interpretation is very good,” says Guaynaa’s manager, Andy Martinez. “She’ll be able to reach new markets.”

In the world of K-pop, no genre is off-limits: In addition to the usual cocktail of explosive hip-hop and EDM, its biggest hitmakers have touched everything from folk to R&B to disco. In the last few years, Latin sounds have increasingly entered the mix, particularly as reggaetón’s popularity has grown around the world. “Some of the most passionate K-pop fans are based in Latin America — especially in Brazil — so artists are always looking for ways to further connect with their fanbases in these regions,” says Ronny Ho, head of dance and electronic development at Spotify.

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