August 18, 2022

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Billie Eilish Talks ‘Blurry’ Doc, James Bond and New Album

And then, another record. Eilish was tapped to record the James Bond theme for “No Time To Die,” in doing so becoming the youngest singer to take on the 007 franchise.

The year 2020 didn’t pan out how Eilish, or anyone else, had planned. 2021 is looking up.

On Tuesday night (Feb. 23), Eilish stopped by The Late Show for a candid, 20-minute chat with its host Stephen Colbert, ticking off the doc, new music, fans, James Bond and more.

While most of us turned to mush in lockdown, Eilish used the extended downtime wisely. The novel coronavirus resulted in a new album, the release date for which is still under lock and key. “The flip side is, I’ve gotten more time off than I’ve ever ever had,” she quipped. “I have to thank COVID for that, and that’s about it.”

When asked what to expect with the new album, and whether Eilish cuts loose and showcases her mighty pipes, she remarked, “There are a couple moments in this album when I pull some tricks out.”

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The wait, however, is nearly over for the release of The World’s A Little Blurry, a new documentary that charts the rise of the talented teen turned global superstar, filmed across three years. Blurry is due to drop this Friday (Feb. 25) on Apple TV+ and in select theaters.

Having cameras in her face, constantly, was “invasive” but “also fun,” she recounts. And watching the playback with three friends was awkward. “I don’t really change in front of the camera,” she explained. “I was really worried.”

Eilish, now 19, shared some insights into her self-belief, and how she ignored those voices telling her what to do. “I respond to opposite peer pressure. If friends of mine tried to get me to do something, it made me want to do the other thing,” she explained. “That’s why I never did drugs, and I never drank alcohol… I’m not going to do something because you want me to do.”

In a nutshell, it’s about “intuition” and “serious trust in your gut.”

Eilish also talked about life in the celebrity bubble, meeting her “idol” Justin Bieber, and the “creeps” that are out there.

Remember to live in the moment and pay respect to fans, is her mantra. “We forget that what we do really affects other people in very large ways.”

And has she caught the new Bond blockbuster, which was pushed back by the pandemic? You bet. “It’s bomb,” she insists. “It’s amazing.”

Watch the interview below.

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