August 13, 2022

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Tommy Lee Roasts Ted Cruz After Senator’s Vacation Snafu

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is a frequent TikTok user, not to mention the kind of musician who never shies away from speaking his mind. That’s why it makes total sense that the rocker recently lampooned Texas Senator Ted Cruz after the politician abandoned his home state for Cancún, Mexico, during the catastrophic winter ice storm that plagued the Lone Star state this month.

On the video-sharing social network last week, Lee circulated a Cruz-spoofing send-up set to the 2017 Dirty Heads song “Vacation.” The parody takes photos and video of Cruz in the airport and superimposes cartoon Mexican clothing — a sombrero and a serape, to be specific — onto the junior U.S. senator’s body. It opens with an older clip of Cruz unattractively sneezing on camera.

Cruz faced sweeping blowback for his actions last week. Amid Texas’ storm-induced energy crisis, millions of homes — includes Cruz’s — were left without power, many for several days.

According to The New York Times, rather than stay in the state he serves during the urgently trying time, the senator accompanied his wife and kids to Cancún last Wednesday (Feb. 17). As images of Cruz in the airport and aboard a plane got out, a backlash followed. The senator quickly returned to Texas alone the next day, claiming he always intended to fly back Thursday.

But plenty doubted Cruz was honest about his plans, assuming instead that the senator likely intended to stay with his family in the Mexican vacation spot through the weekend while Texas continued to battle the deadly ice storm. Bolstering that suspicion, Cruz’s office declined to comment on his whereabouts for the 12 hours immediately following the senator’s initial departure.

For his part, Tommy Lee will hopefully hop a jet (or bus) himself soon. The recently reunited Motley Crue are ready to take the concert stage by storm once again. The band’s much-hyped Stadium Tour, initially planned for 2020, is still scheduled to kick off its postponed dates starting this summer.

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