August 10, 2022

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Leslie Jordan Announces ‘Company’s Comin’ Album of Gospel Hymns

Emmy Award-winning actor and suddenly internet-famous personality Leslie Jordan has announced plans for Company’s Comin’, a collection of gospel tunes recorded in Nashville with a few high-profile guests. The first release from the project, due out April 2nd, is Jordan’s version of “Angel Band” featuring Brandi Carlile.

Produced by Travis Howard and Danny Myrick, Jordan’s rendition of the tune, previously recorded by the Stanley Brothers and Emmylou Harris, opts for a loose, funky arrangement that’s heavy on mandolin and string-bending lead electric guitar. Jordan carries his verses off capably and interjects playful ad libs, while Carlile adds a touch of the divine to her solo before it’s all capped off with heavenly “Sweet Home Alabama”-style chorus harmonies.

Jordan, who rose to fame thanks to his memorable roles in Will & Grace and American Horror Story, among others, was raised in East Tennessee and is openly gay. Part of the idea behind Company’s Comin’ seems to be reclaiming religious music for people who didn’t necessarily feel welcome in their church.

“Singing these songs, it felt like I was recapturing the joy of what this music meant to me as a kid,” said Jordan in a release, “but without all the baggage. When I was growing up, I wanted so badly to be a good Christian, but I knew that the church would never accept me for who I was. It’s liberating now to come back to these hymns, completely at peace with myself, and sing without any hint of the guilt or shame I felt in my youth.”

Elsewhere on Company’s Comin’, Jordan is joined by Tanya Tucker, Katie Pruitt, and TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne. A full track list has not yet been announced. On February 28th, Apple Music Country will premiere Jordan’s new show Hunker Down With Leslie Jordan.

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