August 13, 2022

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ONErpm Unveils New Global Distribution And Marketing Platform For Music Discovery And …

New Distribution And Marketing Platform

Former RED BULL SVP/North America JOE GUZIK checks in from his new gig as Head Of NY Business Unit at ONErpm on their new platform upgrades. Boasting a streamlined user interface, the platform combines daily performance statistics and demographic consumption data with actionable direct-to-fan marketing tools, allowing artists and labels to create and manage marketing campaigns using proper audience targets. The site also allows users to create advertising campaigns on social media and DSPs like SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE, with the support of ONErpm’s specialized advertising teams in each of its territories.

ONErpm offers three levels of service: DIY (for new artists), Taking Off (for emerging artists) and Next Level, where breaking artists receive full label support and funding. Depending on the level of service, some marketing tools are fully automated, while others require the personalized support of ONErpm’s bespoke promotional teams. Using a permissions-based approach, more services and features become available as artists evolve to the next level of their careers. 

“We are one of the few, if not the only company, where an artist can start off as a DIY and graduate to bespoke marketing and label services,” said, ONErpm Founder EMMANUEL ZUNZ.
ONErpm is investing in a global direct-to-fan marketing group that will assist its clients in navigating new opportunities on platforms like TIK TOK, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, all of which are generating significant new revenue. “With our renewed focus on direct to fan, combined with improved real-time data, we are preparing our company and our clients for what we believe is the next big wave of music consumption,” explains ZUNZ. “It’s about preparing our artists for the future because we are literally seeing consumption change before our eyes.”

Check out ONErpm here.

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