GRAMMY-nominated rapper/songwriter CyHi The Prynce had a brush with death this weekend, revealing that a car chased him down on the highway and shot at his vehicle, forcing him to drive off the road and total his car.

Posting pictures of the aftermath, CyHi explained that somebody tried to “gun [him] down” on the highway in Atlanta, attempting to shoot and kill him. The terrifying incident garnered national attention, with many of his friends, peers, and fans sending love and positivity on social media. On Thursday, CyHi spoke with TMZ Live about the events leading up to the attempt on his life.

“I was on the highway and I thought they were trying to race me,” said CyHi. “I tried to just go to the next lane, they come over to the next lane. Tried to speed up a little bit and get out of their way, they speed up and get next to me again. Tried to do a couple little maneuvers between cars to see if they were really following me or just wanted to race me and then I realized they were following me so I tried to speed off and smash on the brakes so they could go past me. They actually smashed on their brakes on the highway so we almost had a pile-up. I tried to do that maneuver again and I smashed on the brakes again. They smashed on their brakes. So I tried to get to the right shoulder and I put my car in reverse and started reversing back up the highway. They made a U-turn on the highway and started driving towards me. So, I’m like, this is serious.”

Prince Williams/Getty Images

CyHi says that he tried to pull off a few other maneuvers before flooring the gas pedal, going 140 or 150 MPH. When he got off at the exit, that’s when he knew the people in the Maserati chasing him were trying to end his life. 

“That’s when the gunfire started going off,” he said. “I’m just swerving back and forth, ducking and everything. It was so much gunfire that I had to just go on and do what I felt like was best for myself. If it was a car robbery, if I wrecked the car or tried to wreck it or get out of the way, then they wouldn’t want the car anymore. I didn’t expect to hit a pole and hit a tree– I was just trying to go to the side of the road. But I was going so fast that I lost control of it and that’s when I totaled it and landed in the tree.”

Thankfully, CyHi’s injuries appear to be minor. In the video interview, he has bandages on his hand. He did not specify the extent of his injuries.

Watch his explanation above.