October 23, 2021

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Colorado Broadcasters Association Offers Members Sales Training From Chris Lytle

Sales Training

The COLORADO BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION is offering its members free access to CHRIS LYTLE’s Instant Sales Training program.

CBA Pres./CEO JUSTIN SASSO said, “When I started my broadcast sales career, my manager handed me CHRIS’ book ‘The Accidental Salesperson’ and said, ‘read this before you make your first cold call.’ I finished that book faster than any book I had previously read. CHRIS is relatable and his teaching is simple. I landed one of my largest accounts by using a sample letter right out of his book. Since coming to the CBA, I wanted nothing more than to afford our members that same opportunity to utilize CHRIS’ wealth of knowledge and start using it for their own gain. Today, we’re able to do that by providing CHRIS’ Instant Sales Training as a free service to the CBA’s members.”

“It’s funny,” said LYTLE. “I used to do 130 six-hour seminars a year. Now, people want shorter and shorter sessions. ‘Just-in-time, just enough,’ is the new way to think about sales learning. For example, I recently had to change the filter on my new refrigerator. So, I watched a two-minute YOUTUBE video on the subject. Sometimes that’s all the training you need for the task at hand. A quick lesson on leaving better voice mails can be delivered in five minutes or less. Salespeople can learn on the fly and apply it moments later. I’m grateful that JUSTIN SASSO is making Instant Sales Training another member benefit and that so many CBA members are avid users.”

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