October 16, 2021

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Casey Conroy Debuts New Single, “As Deep As You Loved Me” | Under the Radar

Casey Conroy Debuts New Single, “As Deep As You Loved Me”

Full-length Debut Out This Year

Feb 12, 2021

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Orlando native singer/songwriter Casey Conroy has been releasing a steady run of singles in 2019 and 2020, honing her glassy heartfelt take on indie pop. For her, the highest priority is authenticity. She notes, “I’m not interested in glamorizing myself just for the sake of being glamorous. It’s really important for me to reflect and make music about real people and real things.” With that same sincere style in tow, Conroy has now returned with her first release of 2021, “As Deep As You Loved Me.” 

With “As Deep As You Loved Me” Conroy subtly captures the internal contradictions and complexities of love, a duality that can quickly cross from love to hate. Written quickly after watching Marriage Story in 2019, the song morphed through over a dozen versions before coalescing into its dark indie pop style. 

Languid keys and a muted pulsing beat form a percussive background for Conroy’s airy vocal delivery. Conroy’s delicate vocals melt into the instrumental, opting for an understated performance that matches the nocturnal feel of the track. Yet Conroy remains magnetic, delivering the rhythmic hook with a cool detachment as she sings, “As deep as you love me you hate me now.” Check out the song and video below and stream the track here.

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