October 28, 2021

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Moore Kismet, “Rumor”

It’s never easy growing up. Teenagers are little balls of flesh and exploding chemicals forced to sit in school chairs and memorize algebraic equations they’ll soon forget. Meanwhile, the wounds we suffer during those years, physically and emotionally, go on to create the scaffolding of the humans we become. How we shape ourselves around the hurt is an on-going process that takes a lifetime to emerge, but if we’re kind to ourselves, we find space for beauty in the pain.

That’s what Moore Kismet and WYN carved with their complex, texture-rich single “Rumor,” the first single from the producer’s forthcoming debut LP. Kismet is young, to be sure, but the quickly-rising star crafts deeply-stirring character with crackling vinyl noise, deep-water melodies and a half-time rhythm that weighs on the body like quicksand. WYN sings gentle words full of vulnerability, bringing new dimension to a tender subject.

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