August 8, 2022

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The Sony Music Publishing Name Celebrates Its Return After 25 Years

Back With New Logo & Mission

SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING has introduced a new brand identity with a redesigned logo and revitalized mission. The central visual of the new brand identity is a refreshed logo, which is designed as an abstraction of sound waves—with resonance and vibrations that express infinitely expanding opportunities for songwriters. Complementing the symbol, the SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING ethos is “every voice matters”, elevating the vision and goals of songwriters.

SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING Chairman and CEO JON PLATT commented, “SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING has always embraced the power of songwriting to connect cultures and bring people together. Since its inception, SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING has supported the careers of songwriters and continues to defend their rights. Returning to the SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING name reconnects us to our legacy and further unifies our mission and culture with the SONY CORPORATION. Our new brand embodies a modern vision to be an authentic reflection of the music and songwriters we represent.”

SONY MUSIC GROUP Chairman ROB STRINGER added, “By re-energizing the SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING brand, JON and the company are charting a new course for the business and an exciting path forward for its songwriters and its people. The publishing division’s bold new image also conveys SONY MUSIC GROUP’s evolution as a future-forward creative entertainment company, adding distinction to our positioning.”

SONY CORPORATION Chairman, President and CEO KENICHIRO YOSHIDA stated, “SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING’s dynamic new brand conveys the promise of our creative approach and our leadership in the music and entertainment space. JON and ROB are continuing to advance SONY’s business and strengthen our reputation as a “Creative Entertainment Company with a Solid Foundation of Technology” with artists and songwriters around the globe. As a company that has been and continues to empower songwriters, I strongly believe that its inclusive brand message will lead to bringing people closer together, more than ever.”

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