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Alex Somers Announces Two New Albums, Shares New Songs “Deathbed” and “Sooner” | Under the Radar

Alex Somers Announces Two New Albums, Shares New Songs “Deathbed” and “Sooner”

Siblings and Siblings 2 Both Due Out March 19 via Krunk

Feb 10, 2021

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Alex Somers has announced two new albums, Siblings and Siblings 2, sharing the lead singles from each respective album, “Deathbed” from the former and “Sooner” from the latter. Both albums will be out on March 19 via Krunk. You can check out both songs, along with the cover art and tracklist for both albums, below.

Somers, who has composed music for several films, speaks about how scoring the 2016 Bill Morrison documentary Dawson City: Frozen in Time impacted his solo music: “It’s such a poetic story. And it’s so in sync with how I hear music, and my obsession with found objects. The footage is so weathered and fucked up and beautiful, and it was wonderful to match those images with sound. I’d dub sound onto machines, and through different mediums, play it back and re-record it, gathering imperfections. As I wrote the soundtrack, I’d splinter off in different directions, adding more stuff, and these turned into Siblings tracks.”

He adds: “I’ve carried this music for a long time—so long that it’s become two albums. I wrote most of it between 2014 and 2016, but I abandoned it at different stages, thinking nobody else would want to hear it….I don’t know any artist who doesn’t struggle with creativity. But friends who heard it, especially Jónsi, encouraged me to finish it. I’m really excited about making music that’s more relevant to where I am now. But first, I’m really excited to finally let Siblings go.”

In 2019, Somers released an album with Jónsi of Iceland’s Sigur Rós titled Lost and Found. Last year, he scored the Apple TV+ short film Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth.

Siblings Tracklist:

1. Weeping Willow
2. Oh Willow I Die
3. Deathbed
4. Between Us
5. Tell Star (for Joe Meek)
6. Dim
7. Oh No
8. Kimblings
9. Dreaming Boys
10. Avalanche
11. One
12. Whirlpool
13. Looking After

Siblings 2 Tracklist:

1. Following After
2. Blown
3. Woven
4. Locket
5. Patterning
6. Never Ending
7. Window Way
8. Flutter
9. Kimblings 2
10. Hiddenness
11. Sooner
12. Oella
13. Atlas

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