October 17, 2021

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Singer Who Sounds Just Like Bruce Dickinson Has a Band Now

Remember Raphael Mendes, the metal singer who sounds just like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson? Now, he has a band of his own, Icon of Sin, who have just announced their self-titled album in tandem with the release of a music video for the first single, “Shadow Dancer.”

This track should instantly appeal to any fan of classic metal as it is rooted in the old ways defined during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Be careful with assumptions, however, because as much as Mendes is a dead ringer for Dickinson (seriously, he has all the Bruce-isms down pat) this Brazilian group is far from just a cheap Maiden imitation or solo knockoff band.

“This album will surprise many people. This is one of those albums you listen to from the beginning ’til the end, appreciating all the songs and repeating it again many times,” offered Mendes. “There are songs about movies, video games, and more and I think combining these things with metal music is awesome. When Sergio and Marcelo showed me the songs, I got so happy because this is the kind of music I love and when you do the things with passion, it comes naturally. It was really amazing to work with them.”

Producer and songwriter Marcelo Gelbcke added, “I’m thrilled to show to the world the massive heavy metal album we’ve created. It was fun to use my songwriter/producer’s hat on this one. It’s a very diverse and organic record and I believe that heavy metal fans are going to love it!”

Commenting on the debut single, Mendes said, “‘Shadow Dancer’ was my first favorite song from the album, though it’s difficult to choose only one. When I started working on this song I really loved the story behind the lyrics, because it is a mix of things that I have always liked: heavy metal, Asian culture, and martial arts. This song has all the elements that a heavy metal fan loves: great riffs, great story, a chorus that will be stuck in their heads.”

Watch the “Shadow Dancer” music video directly below and view the Icon of Sin album art and track listing beneath the video. Look for the record to be released on April 16 through Frontiers Music SRL and pre-order your copy here.

Icon of Sin, “Shadow Dancer” Music Video

Icon of Sin, Icon of Sin Album Art + Track Listing

01. “Icon of Sin”
02. “Road Rage”
03. “Shadow Dancer”
04. “Unholy Battleground”
05. “Nightbreed”
06. “Virtual Empire”
07. “Pandemic Euphoria”
08. “Clouds Over Gotham”
09. “Arcade Generation”
10. “Hagakure” (Intro)
11. “The Last Samurai”
12. “The Howling”
13. “Survival Instinct”



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