January 27, 2022

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Kesha Battles Herself in Empowering Sam Feldt Collaboration ‘Stronger’

Kesha is no stranger to uplifting anthems, with songs like “High Road” and “Praying” under her belt. On Friday (Jan. 29), the singer teamed up with Dutch DJ and producer Sam Feldt for the powerful new song, “Stronger.”

As the title suggests, the accompanying video finds Kesha fighting herself in a boxing ring, with Feldt as the judge and announcer. As the two well-dressed warrior Keshas battle it out, the rounds get increasingly intense, culminating with the duo shooting each other in a classic duel.

“You gotta take it day-by-day / Keep moving forward, no matter what they say / And when the thieves try to steal your faith / Keep pushin’ through ‘em ’cause there ain’t no other way / If you wanna get stronger,” the singer proclaims against a sultry dance production.

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“Back in the days I listened to all Kesha’s track [sic], so when she approached me with the idea for the track Stronger I was very excited,” Feldt wrote in the video’s description. “The message Kesha sends with the track is really inspiring and super relevant in these turbulent times. That’s why I knew I had to be part of this message. I started on the production right away and tried to create the right balance between the emotional but so inspiring message and the uplifting and hopeful beat.”

Watch below.

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