It’s no secret that Freddie Gibbs is one of the game’s top tier lyricists, with ample evidence having been presented over recent years. And while many are rightfully awestruck by his pen game, his off-the-dome ability deserves some praise as well. Rare though it may be that Freddie goes off top, he recently shared a few quick clips of a recent backseat freestyle, one that took place during a recent Uber ride. Recent because the beats in question came from Madlib’s brand new album Sound Ancestors, which you can and should peep right here. 

Freddie Gibbs

Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

“Freestyled in an Uber over some @madlib shit from his new album out today,” writes Gangsta Gibbs, sharing a few gems for the Piñata and Bandana enthusiasts. In the first of two clips, Gibbs can be heard firing off some spontaneous raps; while they’re not quite as refined as his usual bars, they are plenty of slick flows and clever quotables to be found. “Bang bang skeet-skeet, sell dope on the street, Gangsta Gibbs ridin’ with the muthafuckin’ 50 fleet,” he raps. At some point, somebody mentions Battlecat, leaving us wondering as to whether the west coast producer was in attendance for Gangsta Gibbs’ performance. “Where that n***a Battlecat?” raps Freddie. “Fuck n***as don’t want to battle rap.”

The session continues with the second clip, as Gibbs reflects on a time his mother caught him smoking weed back in the day. “Fuck school, Kane train I’m too fuckin’ cool,” he spits. “Sellin’ yay, fuck a GPA, muthafucka a GPA / cause my shit was round like 2.0 / but I still had a bad ho / I took a bad bitch to the prom, Freddie Kane out here slangin’ bombs / Freddie Kane out here sellin’ crack / bust a nut on my fuckin’ babysitter’s back.”

Check out the clips below, and marvel at the fact that even when he’s going off the dome in a low-stakes environment, Gibbs’ chemistry with Madlib remains off the charts