August 15, 2022

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Matt Rollings And Kristin Wilkinson Release ‘America The Beautiful’ To Benefit …

Wilkinson and Rollings (Photo: Michael Wilson)

To benefit NASHVILLE symphonic musicians who were furloughed without pay for over six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GRAMMY Award-winning producer and pianist MATT ROLLINGS released a rendition of “AMERICA The Beautiful” TODAY (1/22). The song was produced by ROLLINGS and composer/conductor KRISTIN WILKINSON, and features performances by ROLLINGS, TRISHA YEARWOOD, AMY GRANT, KEB’ MO’ and THE WAR AND TREATY. All proceeds from the song will go directly to a fund set up to support NASHVILLE symphonic musicians. Donate here. Watch the video for “AMERICA The Beautiful” here.

“The global pandemic has had a serious impact on musicians in every facet of the music business,” said ROLLINGS. “Symphonic musicians, whose livelihoods often depend on the health of a single orchestra, have been hit especially hard. When I heard about the plight of symphonic musicians in NASHVILLE, my home, I was moved to help. I had recently ‘discovered’ the song ‘AMERICA The Beautiful,’ and realized what a beautiful and moving piece of music it was. My friend and collaborator KRISTIN WILKINSON and I decided to make a recording of the song for the purpose of helping these amazing musicians.”

“It was an honor to sing one of the most beautiful songs written about our nation, beautifully arranged and played by my friends MATT ROLLINGS and KRISTIN WILKINSON,” said YEARWOOD. “To hear my voice alongside such talented artists as MICHAEL and TANYA of THE WAR AND TREATY, KEB’ MO’ and AMY GRANT, amplified by some of NASHVILLE’s finest symphonic musicians, reminded me why I love music so much, and why I love AMERICA so. We are a nation that’s hurting right now, but ‘AMERICA the Beautiful’ reminds me that there is always hope that we can be who GOD intended us to be. Love one another.”

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