October 17, 2021

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‘In Fortune’s Hands’ virtual concert set for Jan. 24 | Lifestyles

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David McCormick is pictured playing a medieval fiddler, or viele.

Nick Cropper

An upcoming virtual concert for Amherst Glebe Arts Response and the Early Music Access Project looks to bring ancient sounds to the digital age.

According to a news release, “In Fortune’s Hands: Music of Troubadours Past and Preset,” AGAR veterans Brian Kay and David McCormick plan to “take on the history of music” using historical and replica instruments and mixing the instruments digitally to make a more modern sound.

“I play a ton of different instruments. Normally I would be limited by how many instruments I could fit on stage with a band, or carry in my car. In my studio at home, the walls are covered with instruments,” Kay said in the release.

Kay will perform “the oldest song ever found with both its text and musical notations” called “The Epitaph of Seikolos.” He will sing and play on a replica of an ancient lyre he made with a turtle shell, staying true to the construction of the string instrument, the release states.

Other featured instruments include a modern copy of the world’s oldest surviving lute; an solo on the viele from one of the earliest European purely instrumental pieces, which is an early ancestor of the violin; a Muslim oud, very similar to the lute; and a theorbo, a long-necked lute with a second pegbox developed in the 16th century in Italy.

“In Fortune’s Hands: Music of Troubadours Past and Present” will be streamed on AGAR’s YouTube Channel on Jan. 24 premiering at 4 p.m. and can be viewed on the channel until Jan. 31.

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