Rick Ross has a pretty hefty investment portfolio already. The Maybach Music label executive is a Wingstop and Checkers franchise owner, has multiple real estate properties, and has a beauty and styling products line currently sold at Sally Beauty Supply with expansion to Walgreens slated to happen soon. Needless to say, the Florida-bred rapper is nothing short of a mogul. Adding to his ventures, Ross has just invested $1 million into Florida-based telehealth startup company Jetdoc.

Jetdoc offers virtual doctor visits and prescription discounts to subscribers who download the app. The telehealth provider’s main selling point is the fact that no health insurance is required to use it. 


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The rapper got involved with the company back in 2020 as a celebrity endorser and eventually as an investor. Speaking on the new acquisition, the rapper wrote, “I gotta have a doctor right here at my fingertips,” he says. “If I’m feeling dizzy, short of breath, I might just need a word of their advice.” “Being a celeb, privacy is a huge thing. Instead of walking into a doctor’s office and ending up on TMZ . . . I could just get it over the phone.”

Part of the startup’s mission is also to make healthcare more accessible for people that traditionally struggle, namely people of color and other underserved communities. The company’s founder Tommy Duncan specifically cites high rates of diabetes in the Black community as a troubling issue. 

“Rick Ross has been a unique individual, particularly from the African-American community, where we don’t talk about our healthcare issues publicly,” said Duncan in a statement. “We only deal with those things privately. And I commend him for having the courage, the leadership, to speak about his issues publicly.” The two met through mutual friends and unexpectedly got along grand, forming a friendship.

Jetdoc is currently only available in Florida but will launch in other states including Georgia and Washington, D.C. soon.