August 10, 2022

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Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar: Master the Art of Creative, Musical, Lead Guitar Playing (Rock Guitar Soloing Book 1)

Price: $7.99
(as of Jan 13,2021 15:04:21 UTC – Details)

Master the Art of Rock Guitar Soloing

Learn to solo with a method that’s jam-packed with examples, exercises, techniques and improvisation strategies.

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar is a unique guitar method because it contains all the tools you need to become the ultimate guitar soloist.

  • Discover over 170 musical examples, solo studies, exercises and backing tracks
  • Master every melodic guitar soloing technique
  • Make music with bends, legato techniques, hybrid-picking, vibrato and create your own blazing guitar solos

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar gets your hands dirty; fast! With only the minimum amount of theory, this is a practical, hands-on guide to playing meaningful guitar solos that will light up any song. It includes dedicated chapters on Bending, Melody Construction, Single String Soloing, Hybrid-Picking, Legato and Vibrato.

Each technique is shown in an organic, musical context and used as a means to help you construct your own melodic solos.

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar Includes

  • Extensive of melodic techniques that get you playing musically – instantly
  • Bending, Legato, Vibrato, Picking techniques that take your playing to the next level
  • 172, notated examples to download for free.
  • Complete Solo Studies
  • Studio quality backing tracks

It’s the complete guide to turning boring guitar scales into meaningful music… 

Buy it now so you can start to master expressive guitar soloing today

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