August 10, 2022

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Lead Guitar Book Bundle: Lead Guitar Breakthrough + Learn Your Guitar Scales + 5-Minute Guitar Jams (Books + Online Bonus)

Price: $9.99
(as of Jan 13,2021 20:13:33 UTC – Details)

The essential 3-in-1 lead guitar collection!

Stuck playing the same old stuff on guitar? Unsure how to more forward? You’ve come to the right place! Guitar players frequently encounter roadblocks that leave us feeling stunted creatively. These issues can be traced back to one simple cause: We can’t use what we don’t know!

The Lead Guitar Book Bundle is jam-packed with essential lessons and creative insights for re-energizing your lead playing. Whether building speed, mastering scales, or demystifying theory, this value pack unlocks the secrets to transforming your musical understanding and playing ability. Engaging and easy to understand, it’s a must-have collection for taking your lead playing to the next level!

*Every purchase comes with a FREE album of premium jam tracks!

This 3-in-1 bundle includes…

1) Lead Guitar Breakthrough: Fretboard Navigation, Theory & Technique
2) Learn Your Guitar Scales: Modes, Pentatonics & Arpeggios Explained
3) 5-Minute Guitar Jams: Jam Tracks for Rock & Blues Guitar

Why you’ll love this value pack…

Solo like a boss! Learn key exercises and concepts for crafting better solos.
Boost your skills! Get expert tips for building strength, accuracy, and speed.
Play with freedom! Be able to navigate the entire guitar fretboard in any key.
Find your voice! Master the patterns for unlocking your creative vocabulary.
Skip the jargon! Discover a no-nonsense approach to understanding theory.
Supercharge your practice! Gain valuable insights for getting better faster.
✓ And much, much more.

ONLINE BONUS: This bundle is complete with free online bonus material. It comes with a companion website to enhance your learning experience. Extras include audio examples, backing tracks, bonus downloads, and more.

Join thousands of students worldwide! Like easy-to-follow lessons, pro playing tips, and jam-packed value? You’ll love learning from this international bestselling instructor.

Scroll up and buy now to get started!

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