August 18, 2022

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The Heavy Metal Guitar Bible: The Complete Guide to Modern Heavy Metal Guitar

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Heavy Metal Guitar Bible

Three Best-selling Heavy Metal Guitar books in one 277 page volume!

  • Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar
  • Heavy Metal Lead Guitar
  • Progressive Metal Guitar

The three books are filled with over 360 musical examples. Every concept and technique is demonstrated with stylistic licks and riffs – No mindless exercises! Throughout, creativity and understanding is prioritized to you with the knowledge and confidence to get playing immediately Audio is included for all the 360+ examples, including nine extended solo studies and backing tracks. The first two books provide an easy-to follow-method for learning heavy metal guitar from the ground up. For the beginner, with the fundamentals in place, each book starts from the classic rock influences of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, before charting a course through metal’s varied development.

In Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar we cover:

  • Developing rhythm and picking hand dexterity
  • Essential metal scales, approached in a creative and common-sense way
  • How to construct great riffs
  • Harmonics, Drop-D tuning and odd time signatures
  • Getting a Great Tone

In Heavy Metal Lead Guitar we cover:

  • Playing more melodically
  • Build technique, using musical extracts
  • How to view the fretboard as a whole
  • Using the whammy bar creatively
  • Four solo studies in a mixture of classic metal styles

 Progressive Metal Guitar

This book digs deeper into style and musicianship, building on the foundations of books one and two This material is aimed at the intermediate to advanced player and explores the more complex concepts used by today’s most respected guitarists:

  • Advanced Technique
  • Odd Meter and Cross rhythm
  • Exotic scales
  • Neoclassical Style-file
  • Writing harmonies, twin guitar parts

Together, these books form a comprehensive reference guide to help you become a creative and technical heavy metal musician.

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With over 150,000 copies sold, and over 3000 5* reviews, you know you’re getting the best tuition available. Buy it now and take a step along the path to heavy metal greatness!

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