October 28, 2021

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Heavy Metal Lead Guitar: An Introduction to Heavy Metal Soloing for Guitar (Learn Heavy Metal Guitar) (Volume 2)

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Easily Master Metal Lead Guitar Soloing
Over 100 pages crammed full of essential modern licks, techniques and full solos.

Covers Heavy Metal and Rock Guitar Soloing in the Styles of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Extreme, Megadeth and many more…

130 Recorded Audio Examples in Standard Notation and Tab
Hear what you’re playing! Every example is recorded at the highest quality and the audio is available to download for free from www.fundamental-changes.com – no more lost CDs! 

Build Great Modern Guitar Technique While Learning Exciting, Usable Vocabulary 
Metal and rock guitar soloing books often focus only on building technique. While this is important, it is essential to build technique in the context of real musical. Heavy Metal Lead Guitar teaches you all the essential techniques the modern guitarist must master, but throughout the book each technique is rooted in hundreds of relevant musical examples in the style of your favourite guitarists.

There are also full, authentic solo studies that piece together each technique into a usable, impressive song.

Learn to be Creative
Heavy Metal Lead Guitar goes way beyond technique and licks: it actually teaches you to be creative and musical when you soloing. Throughout, advice is given on phrasing, context, melody, dynamics and contouring solos. As well as boosting your technique, you will also get more musical.

Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Covers
Hundreds of licks and useful musical examples that encompass:

  1. Alternate Picking and Legato
  2. Tapping and Sweet Picking
  3. The Whammy Bar
  4. Melody and Phrasing
  5. Building a Solo and Developing as a Guitarist

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Free Delivery to your Door or Digital Device 
Digital is great, but we do recommend spending the few extra dollars to buy the paperback version. Music works better from paper! 

Dramatically improve your Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Playing: Scroll up to Buy it Now! 

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