October 17, 2021

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Guitar Scales Workshop: 3 in 1 How To Solo Like a Guitar God Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start + A Simple Way to Create Your Very First Solo (Guitar Scales Mastery)

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Now You Can Grab the Ultimate Series on Guitar Scales at An Unbelievable Price! Get All Three Books at The Price of Two!

The Hardest Nut to Crack!

I’m sure you can agree, learning guitar scales is one of the hardest lessons you’ll ever learn on guitar. Not only due to the amount of boring theory involved but also due to endless meaningless patterns you need to memorize. But every successful guitarist attribute their success to guitar scales! Forget making music, how do people even make sense of these patterns in the first place!?

The Ultimate Guide to Scales!

To liberate you from this misery, I designed the ultimate guide to scales. A bundle of three books that’ll handhold you from a person with no knowledge of scales what so ever to a person who can solo up and down the fretboard on any scale he chooses! Follow the steps in the book, give it time and practice and you too could be that person who can solo and create music effortlessly!

Everything You Need in One Place!

This ultimate guide on guitar scales consists of three of my best-selling books! You get all the tools you need to conquer scales in one place at a discounted price! Can it get better? Here is how you are going to master scales in no time!

Memorize the fretboard in less than 24 hours:

The first step is to memorize the fretboard. Fretboard awareness in regarded as something reserved to the pros. In this book I make a laughing stock out of those ideas as I teach you every note on the fretboard in 5 simple steps! Anyone, absolutely anyone can master the fretboard in less than 24 hours! With your new-found awareness and skill, anything music theory gets 100 times easier.

Learn the secret to mastering your very first scale as you learn to create licks and solo effortlessly:

Once you have memorized the fretboard, learning the scales become effortless! In this book, you’ll discover your very first scale and master it step by step! I teach you just one scale in this entire book! I got into such detail and make sure you nail that first scale as fast as humanly possible. With the help of the numerous backing tracks and lick ideas in the book, you’ll find yourself soloing in no time!

Get lost in the ocean of scales as you become a true guitarist:

The third book in the series is where the transformation ends, and your journey begins! Having discovered your first scale, you are free to explore the old beaten path of music as you drown in the 30+ scales and lick ideas of this book! With dedicated lessons for each scale, you can find and master any scale you please with this book! This book is your encyclopedia of scales, a place you can run back to for anything scales!

The Journey of a Lifetime Starts Here!

Mastering music is a journey of a lifetime and this bundle is where it starts! Having acquired all the tools required for your journey from this book, it’s only a matter of time before you become the guitarist you always wanted to be. Scales and soloing won’t seem so hard anymore and you’ll be left wondering why you struggled with scales in the first place!

Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button to Take the First Steps of Your Never-Ending Journey with Music!

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