January 16, 2022

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Chord Quest Powerful Piano Lessons Level 1: Easy Keyboard Patterns for Beginner Kids (Meridee Winters Chord Quest)

Price: $11.99
(as of Jan 17,2022 04:22:18 UTC – Details)

It’s a piano exercise book. A teach-yourself-keyboard book. A piano-teacher’s-secret-weapon-book. A chord theory book. A comic book quest. Somehow, Chord Quest is all of these things – but above all, it’s a book that uses music’s most universal patterns to have everyone sounding great. (Whether they read music or not.)

The future of learning keyboard and piano is here – AND it’s simple, creative and fun! This book is the first of the Chord Quest Powerful Piano Lessons Series, and is a re-imagined reboot of Meridee’s All Star Piano Patterns Series. (Students of those books can transition seamlessly to this series, as the levels correspond.) Chord Quest is designed specifically for grade school kids who are new beginners to piano. In fact, it’s the same great teaching style and material from Meridee’s Chord Crash Course Series – but for kids.

Beginning piano students—and their teachers and parents—face a universal problem: there’s often a long wait between when you start learning an instrument and when you can actually play music that sounds (and feels) good. With her trailblazing Chord Quest series, Meridee uses the universal power of patterns to have you playing and creating great music from day one, without reading a note. Best of all – it all happens along a fun-filled comic book quest complete with games, jokes, villains and creative activities. Where else could you play Pachelbel’s Canon AND rescue zombified piano students from Professor Perfecto?

Meridee Winters is an accomplished author, educator, musician, schooldirector and pioneer in the world of creativity and music education.Her more than 50 music books and learning resources have sold tensof thousands of copies and earned her a devoted global following ofteachers, students and musicians. These chord and pattern books were first developed for students at the Meridee Winters School of Music – a respected pioneer of creative, results-oriented music lessons both in-person and online.

This book is a great supplement to other beginner piano books, or can be used as a standalone introduction to piano.

Meridee Winters Chord Quest Powerful Piano Lessons Level 1 Students will learn:
-Famous Chord Progressions
-Finger Numbers
-Black & White Keys
-Major and Minor
-Creative Spins
…And much more!

Which Meridee Winters Pattern Book is Right for Me?

Very Young Beginners (roughly ages 4 to 7):
Super Start! My First Piano Patterns (Advance to Chord Quest when you’re done!)

Grade School Aged Kids: Chord Quest
Beginner? Start with Chord Quest Powerful Piano Lessons Level 1
Already complete All Star Piano Patterns Book 1, 2 or 3? Move to the next level in the Chord Quest Series! (From All Star Book 1 to Chord Quest Level 2 and so on – they’re 100% compatible!)

Middle School Aged Kids Through Adults: Chord Crash Course
Beginner: Chord Crash Course Book 1
Already know basic chords and looking to learn inversions, seventh chords and more?: Chord Crash Course Book 2

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