October 15, 2021

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Beyond Rhythm Guitar: Riffs, Licks and Fills: Build Riffs, Fills & Solos around the most Important Chord Shapes in Rock & Blues guitar (Play Rhythm Guitar)

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Go Beyond Rhythm Guitar to Seamlessly Blend Guitar Chords with Licks, Riffs and Fills

Become an Accomplished Accompanist!

  • Learn to Effortlessly Combine Rhythm and Lead Guitar Simultaneously
  • Develop a Language of Musical Fills around Every Common Chord Shape
  • Weave Lead Guitar Licks into Chords for Blues, Pop, Rock, and Acoustic Guitar
  • Discover how to use Drone Notes to make Beautiful Music
  • Instantly Create Beautiful Solo Guitar Lines while playing Capo Chords
  • Master Complete Musical Studies and Impressive Pieces that Combine Rhythm and Lead Guitar
  • Learn with Tablature, Notation and Hundreds of Audio Examples of Exciting Solo Chord Arrangements

Beyond Rhythm Guitar

  • Is your guitar chord playing boring?
  • Do you want to add melodic fills to your rhythm guitar playing and stay in time?
  • Do you need to find melodies that fit around every chord?
  • Want to confidently combine great chords with interesting licks in most modern styles?
  • Do you want to learn rhythm and lead in the style of the world’s greatest guitarists?
  • Do you want hundreds of chords, licks and tricks to enrich your rhythm guitar playing? 

Have you ever wondered how great rhythm guitarists combine chord playing with seamless, interesting and creative fills… and barely seem to move their fingers?

Beyond Rhythm Guitar takes you on a journey of discovery that teaches you the best ways to build fills and solo guitar lines around the most important chords on the guitar. You’ll learn the scale shapes, approaches and secret techniques that the best guitar players use to add melody lines to guitar chords.

With over 200 notated audio examples, every essential chord is dissected while you are taught how to use their unique shapes to form lead lines that fit seamlessly into your playing.  

From open chords, to using capos and decorating barre chords in rock and blues guitar, Beyond Rhythm Guitar is a pop, rock and blues-focused study method that will help you create beautiful and interesting guitar melodies around chords.

You will quickly become the ‘go-to guitarist’ when it’s time to accompany singers and instrumentalists 

Here’s What You Get:

  • 106 Pages of rhythm guitar essentials stuffed with over 200 individually recorded examples – Learn to add exciting lead fills based around essential chord shapes.
  • A complete course in rhythm guitar mastery – From simple scales to advanced lead guitar licks that teach you to play professional-sounding rhythm guitar: effortlessly.
  • Detailed discussion of scale choice, fitting licks around chords, stylistics and genre.
  • Complete solo rhythm studies that let you create real music from the concepts covered.
  • Every essential chord, technique, scale, lick, fill, and trick to get you playing the right way as quickly as possible.
  • Learn to combine sequences of chords and fills to effortlessly create your own musical rhythm guitar parts
  • Discussion and breakdown of accompanying vocalists and playing in a stripped-down setting 

Bonus! – A complete section on Capo playing and transposing what you know into new keys.

Hear it!

Reading music from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply it, it becomes music. Beyond Rhythm Guitar contains hundreds of supporting audio examples to help you get inside the music and quickly apply every new concept in a musical way.

Buy it Now and Go Beyond Rhythm Guitar…

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