August 16, 2022

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41 Times Parody Singer Randy Rainbow Roasted Donald Trump

Here are 36 times Randy Rainbow has read Trump for filth since the start of his 2016 presidential campaign.

“Ya Got Trump Trouble”

“Ya Got Trump Trouble” was Randy Rainbow’s first-ever political satire song about Trump. Randy made this video in response to Trump’s official GOP nomination in 2016, and it got more than 4 million views on Facebook. In this song, Randy warns the American people of the impending chaos that Trump will unleash should he win the 2016 election, all to the tune of “Ya Got Trouble” from Music Man.

“Grab ‘Em by the P—y!”

In this video, Randy plays the role of Trump’s conscience and offers him some advice about one of his earlier scandals in 2016. The parody was made in response to Trump’s infamous discussion about condoning the sexual assault of women in a 2005 recording.

“Trump-Pence, Trump-Pence”

“Trump-Pence, Trump-Pence” was Randy’s final warning to the American public that voting for the duo on Election Day would be a very bad idea. Sadly, not even this solid rendition of “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins would be enough to prevent the election outcome.

“Donald Trump, Grow Up!”

After Mike Pence was booed during a showing of Hamilton, Trump took to Twitter to defend the vice president. In response to his stance, Randy crafted this Hamilton-inspired track that completely roasts Trump.

“Tweets, Tweets & Nothing But Tweets”

In “Tweets, Tweets & Nothing But Tweets,” Randy rants about Trump’s incessant tweeting to the tune of “Greens Greens” from Into the Woods. Not only is Randy completely over Trump’s never-ending stream of tweets, but he also hilariously points out all of the spelling errors Trump has made in several of his ridiculous tirades.

“You’re Making Things Up Again Donald!”

Randy holds nothing back in this parody of “Making Things Up Again” from Book of Mormon. In the song, Randy opens up with Donald spewing made-up facts about other countries and calls Trump out on spreading false claims.

“Putin and the Ritz”

Randy grills Jeff Sessions in a mock interview at the beginning about Trump’s involvement with Vladimir Putin and Russia. After breaking into a parody version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Irving Berlin, Randy comes for Trump’s relationship with Putin and also drags Trump’s entire staff for failing to keep it a secret.


Randy’s response to Trump’s dwindling support during his first 100 days in office came in the form of this parody of “Popular” from Wicked. In the song, Randy lists all of Trump’s controversies and failures that have surrounded him since his inauguration at the beginning of 2017.

“The Russian Connection”

Randy takes on Trump in an interview about James Comey and his ties to Russia in “The Russian Connection.” Randy sings about Trump’s failed attempts to sway the FBI from investigating his connection to the foreign country, as well as Trump’s accomplices who also tried to cover it up.

“Donald Trump’s Mango Tour”

Randy channels Evita in another parody video digging at Trump’s inability to properly form decent relationships with other countries. Instead of the “Rainbow Tour,” Randy fittingly named the song “Donald Trump’s Mango Tour” to match the president’s appearance.

“Covfefe: The Broadway Medley”

One of Randy’s most ambitious parodies comes in the form of “Covfefe: The Broadway Medley,” which incorporates a handful of big hits from Broadway. While all of these songs come from different musicals, they all explore the same issue: How does one exactly pronounce “covfefe”?

“Before He Tweets”

Randy breaks from his usual Broadway shtick and takes on Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” In this parody, Randy drags Trump for being a complete and utter troll on Twitter.

DACA Shame

Randy opens up this parody video by interviewing Kellyanne Conway about the Trump administration’s decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). In Randy Rainbow fashion, he bursts into song and touches on the racist undertones that Trump’s decision carries.

“Desperate Cheeto”

“Despacito” also received the Randy Rainbow political-satire treatment. In “Desperate Cheeto,” Randy decimates Trump and lists every single controversy and issue that has risen since he took office.


Randy starts this video as a journalist grilling Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about Trump and Kim Jong-un’s nuclear attack threats. When he breaks into song, he compares the two world leaders and warns viewers that if Trump continues to poke at Kim Jong-un, we might find ourselves in a nuclear war.

“All About His Base”

Randy criticizes Trump’s fans and supporters and the president himself about their lack of awareness to the problems that he has caused in the parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Scarily enough, Randy explains that as long as Trump has his “base,” there’s no talking sense to him.

“Stand By Your Man”

In “Stand By Your Man,” Randy parodies the song of the same title by country singer Tammy Wynette and takes on Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary who was accused of domestic abuse by both of his ex-wives. He links Porter to Trump, who didn’t offer any condolences for the survivors of the abuse and instead said that Porter was the one “going through a tough time.” Rainbow destroys Trump in this country parody song that shows how loyal Trump can be, even to the worst kind of people.

“You Can’t Stop His Tweets”

Randy Rainbow tackles Hairspray and Trump’s horrible tweeting in this “You Can’t Stop the Beat” parody. Much like Randy’s other parody videos surrounding Trump’s tweets, Randy goes in on Trump’s incessant habit of posting the most absurd things on Twitter.

“Commander of Cheese”

This parody song was inspired by Kellyanne Conway’s slip-up during an interview with CNN when she called the commander in chief, the “Commander of Cheese.” Leave it to Randy Rainbow to take this hilarious case of word vomit and make an entire song comparing Trump to moldy cheese.

“A Very Stable Genius”

Randy certainly has an ear for the best songs that make for the perfect foundation to make fun of Trump’s massive ego. In “A Very Stable Genius,” Randy parodies “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” from The Pirates of Penzance and points out Trump’s habit of making himself seem grander than he actually is.

“If You Ever Got Impeached”

Randy lists all the countless possibilities if Trump were to ever get impeached for his shady actions in this parody of “If I Only Had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz.


The singer makes a few digs at Trump, all while encouraging American citizens to vote during the midterm elections.

“Trump’s Favorite Things”

The iconic “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music was also parodied by Randy Rainbow. In the spirit of the original track, Randy lists a handful of things that Trump is very fond of, such as climate change deniers, $5 spray tans and traitors.

“There Is Nothin’ Like a Wall”

In this South Pacific-inspired video, Randy focuses on the government shutdown and Trump’s obsession with building a border wall.

“The Donald Trump Cell Block Tango”

Randy Rainbow’s video, “The Donald Trump Cell Block Tango,” is a parody of the original “Cell Block Tango” track from Chicago. With a couple of nods to Trump’s indicted associates, Randy warns that Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders “have it coming” next.

“Border Lies”

“Border Lies” is a parody of Trump’s declaration of a national emergency regarding his campaign’s promised border wall. Rainbow, acting as a CNN reporter at Trump’s most recent press event, then begins his spoof by telling the president, “Some say that you’re full of shit and others, well agree/ That you’re just fomenting fear with your hyperbole.”


With a song as ubiquitous and catchy as the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker,” it was almost guaranteed that Rainbow would parody it. Following the president’s tweets calling for four democratic Congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” Rainbow took aim at Trump’s supporters not only for their continued support, but also for echoing his rhetoric. “‘Cause they’re suckers for all of the criminal/ Shame-worthy things that you do,” he sings.

“Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar”

When Trump tweeted that he was the “King of Israel” and looked to the sky during a press conference and said “I am the chosen one” in August 2019, Randy Rainbow had a field day with the president, crafting a full medley of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Mashing together songs like “King Herod’s Song,” “Everything’s Alright” and the titular track, Rainbow skillfully burned the president for appearing to claim that he was in any way holy.

“He’s Just a Gurl Who’ll Quid Pro Quo”

As the impeachment inquiry took place in the House of Representatives throughout November 2019, the president’s team began claiming that nowhere in Trump’s phone call with Ukranian leader Volodymyr Zelensky did the president offer a “quid pro quo” of foreign aid in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden. Rainbow, naturally, disagreed with his hilarious take on Oklahoma‘s “I Cain’t Say No.”

“That Don!”

As the impeachment inquiry turned into an impeachment trial before the Senate, Trump was facing criticism for everything from the Ukraine scandal to his decision to assassinate Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani. So Rainbow stepped in to offer him some campaign advice (mainly, advice that he should drop out) with a hilarious rendition of “Gaston” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

“No Rules For Donald”

Once the impeachment trial in the senate wrapped up, with Trump being acquitted for both articles of impeachment brought against him, Rainbow decided to give Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” a makeover. Crafting a parody where he lays out that the President’s acquittal led to more bad behavior, he confidently declares “there are no rules for Donald, he can do anything at all.”

“The Coronavirus Lament”

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the world in March 2020, Trump was roundly criticized for his lack of response to the fast-spreading virus. So, Rainbow offered his own critical take, hilariously roasting the President to the tune of “Adelaide’s Lament” from Guys & Dolls, singing “From a lack of intelligent leadership/ And a headline that’s getting real old/ A person can develop a bad, bad cold.”

“A Spoonful of Clorox”

After Trump made a comment in a White House press briefing about how ingesting disinfectant could potentially kill the coronavirus in the body, Randy Rainbow joined the medical community in shutting down the idea. Parodying “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins, the singer listed off a few harmful ways of “treating” COVID-19, before declaring that “a spoonful of Clorox makes your temperature go down/ In the most destructive ways.”

“The Bunker Boy”

The White House confirmed that during the Black Lives Matter protests outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on June 1, the president was moved to an underground bunker. The news led the hashtag #BunkerBoy to trend on Twitter, and inspired Rainbow’s June 7 video. “The Bunker Boy” is sung to “The Jitterbug,” a tune performed by star Judy Garland that was cut from The Wizard of Oz. In the video, Rainbow teases the president by wondering where he is and pointing out that he’s in hiding. The singer also pokes fun at Trump by depicting him as an orange munchkin speaking behind a heavy-duty door, and dressing as The Cowardly Lion.

“Cover Your Freakin’ Face!”

Rainbow had more material to work with after Trump told attendees at his June campaign rally that he had instructed his team to “slow the testing down” as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the United States. In addition, the president has continued to refuse to wear a mask, though health experts have advised the facial covers help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. In response, the comedian dropped his latest video on June 29, rewriting the lyrics to “Put on a Happy Face” to “Cover Your Freakin’ Face!” He sings to the jazzy tune: “Maybe if we can’t see your mouth, you won’t say stupid s–t/ Don’t spread droplets all over the place/ And cover your freakin’ face.”

“Poor Deplorable Troll”

When President Trump’s approval ratings began plummeting alongside his polling numbers against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, fans could practically hear Rainbow cracking his knuckles. With his The Little Mermaid parody “Poor Deplorable Troll” released on July 6, the singer gleefully took on the villainous role to mock and humiliate the president as much as he possibly could. Rainbow also made it clear that with this song, he wouldn’t be holding anything back, as is evident with searing lyrics like “I couldn’t help but notice all your rallies and events are like your sex life; no one comes.”

“Gee, Anthony Fauci”

Rainbow, like many people in the country, are looking for scientific expertise to help lead the U.S. out of the coronavirus pandemic, so he implored Dr. Anthony Fauci to come to our rescue. In the July 22 parody, the comedian took on West Side Story‘s “Gee, Officer Krupke” to poke fun at Trump and his staff. “Please, Anthony Fauci, we’re all at a loss/ We can’t rely on Barbie or Cruella DeVos,” Rainbow sings. “He’s winding ’em up and they’re playing his tunes/ They’re all unethical buffoons!”

“If Donald Got Fired”

Rainbow teamed up with Patti Lapone to parody Gypsy’s “If Mama Was Married” to dream about what the world would be like without Trump as commander in chief. Sings Rainbow: “We could go back to life as we once knew it; miserable and unfair, but at least without the daily threat of complete authoritarianism and apocalyptic destruction!”

“How Will You Vote?”

The satirist went over the qualities of presidential candidates Trump and Biden in a parody set at the final debate, weeks before the election to help viewers decide who to cast their ballots for. Not surprisingly, the president’s weren’t too positive. Sings Rainbow about the business mogul: “Well, does he give a flying f— about whether you live or die? / Cover up his crimes and wish them all away? Does he lock children in cages? / Act like Nazis are okay? / That’s how you know, that’s how you know that he’s the one.”

“Not Re-Elected Today!”

While Trump continued to refuse to concede that he lost to Joe Biden nearly two weeks after the election, Rainbow was busy putting together a parody to poke fun at the president’s inability to come to terms with his defeat. Dressed as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany — complete with blonde wig — the satirist parodied Company‘s “(Not) Getting Married Today,” singing: “He’s embarrassed so he isn’t coming out because he lost / I mean he didn’t lose, he won / And that’s exactly what I said / And so he’s sending out his staff to make preposterous pronouncements / While he binges Egg McMuffins ’til reality sets in.”


Rainbow once again drew inspiration from Fiddler on the Roof‘s “Tradition,” this time to point the finger of blame at Trump for the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by the president’s supporters who want President-elect Joe Biden’s victory overturned.

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