August 18, 2022

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Noah Cyrus’ 10 Best Songs: Critics’ Picks

In honor of her 21st birthday today (Jan. 8), Billboard has compiled 10 of Noah Cyrus’ best songs — from solo tracks to collaborations. See them below.

10. “fuckyounoah” 

Why We Love It: In one of Cyrus’ most candid tracks yet, the star gave fans a peek into her self-doubt and anxiety-ridden mind. “No one f–ks with me / ‘Cause no one ever f–king loves a b—h,” she proclaims on top of a stirring, London On Da Track-produced beat, making it a perfect, almost therapeutic song for scream-singing your insecurities away.

9. “All Falls Down” (with Alan Walker)

Why We Love It: “If it just ain’t right, and it’s time to say goodbye / When it all falls down, when it all falls down / I’ll be fine,” Cyrus sings in the glimmery dance track, marking one of the singer’s more hopeful perspectives on love. She assures herself that she’ll overcome any heartbreak, “and that’s that.”

8. “Young & Sad”

Why We Love It: Cyrus’ vulnerability shines through in this The End of Everything cut, in which she highlights her challenging upbringing as the little sister of superstar Miley Cyrus. “My sister’s like sunshine / Always bringing good light /Wherever she will go / And I was born to rain clouds,” she opens up in the second verse.”

Another member of her family, her father Billy Ray Cyrus, encourages her that “everything’s gonna be fine” in a touching voice memo that opens the track, showcasing how much Noah’s family is in her mind day-to-day.

7. “Mad at You” (with Gallant)

Why We Love It: Young love can be tough and highly passionate, and Cyrus encapsulates the whirlwind of emotions in her Good Cry highlight. The lead single from her 2018 EP featured soaring gospel-inspired harmonies and a heartfelt chorus, introducing a new, more mature side to the then-18-year-old.

6. “Again” (feat. XXXTentacion)

Why We Love It: Cyrus unveiled her collaboration with her friend XXXTentacion less than a year before his death in June 2018. The fiery track pairs Cyrus’ breathy vocals with XXX’s slurred, slow-burning verse about being “somewhere in between in love and broken.” Despite the controversy to include the embattled late rapper on her track, “Again” is one of Cyrus’ most notable turns away from her previously poppier tracks onto a darker path.

5. “Dunno”

Why We Love It: Noah took on the late Mac Miller’s sweet homage to staying in the moment with the one you love, in an effort to raise awareness for the Grammy-nominated MC’s Mac Miller Fund, which provides opportunities for youth in underserved communities through the arts. A good song for a good cause is a win-win in our book.

4. “Lonely”

Why We Love It: Cyrus’ heart-wrenching song about her struggles with depression is bolstered by an even more devastating music video directed by Symone Ridgell and the singer herself. In the clip, a chorus continually reaches out to try and help Cyrus, but she doesn’t seem to understand that they’re there — accurately portraying the feeling of being alone even when surrounded by people. “Help me, oh, please, someone help me,” her emotions shine through in the grand chorus. “I don’t care, anyone, anything/ ‘Cause I’m so sick of being so lonely.”

3. “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus”

Why We Love It: Cyrus’ country-infused voice is a perfect match for the folky nature of her The End of Everything standout. “I got so high that I saw Jesus / He said it’s all gonna be okay / You just need me in your heart / Tennessee Whiskey and love,” she assures in the soothing chorus. She later teamed up with Miley for a stunning duet version of the song at the latter’s MTV Unplugged performance.

2. “Make Me (Cry)” (with Labrinth)

Why We Love It: The 2016 collaboration with Labrinth introduced the world to Cyrus’ musical talents in a big way, showing off her impressive vocals at just 16 years old by belting about a love that’s toxic, but one that she can’t walk away from.

1. “July”

Why We Love It: “July” is a song so natural to Cyrus, it feels like it has always been a part of her. Like “Make Me (Cry),” the folk-infused ballad also showcases a toxic relationship — but this time more reflective and self-aware. “You remind me every day/ I’m not enough but I still stay,” she sings in the contemplative track.

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