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Premiere: Kino Motel Debuts New Single, “Simple Desire” | Under the Radar

Premiere: Kino Motel Debuts New Single, “Simple Desire”

Listen to the New Track From the Melbourne Duo

Jan 07, 2021

Photography by Francis Gerd

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Melbourne-based duo Kino Motel have released their newest single, “Simple Desire,” premiering with Under the Radar. Ed Fraser and Rosa Mercedes, the minds behind Kino Motel, first met on a Berlin commune before hitting the road together. The new project was born following a 2019 basement night of karaoke in Vietnam. When day broke Fraser and Mercedes came out with a new band, Kino Motel, named after the band’s birthplace. The duo coined their new music “grit pop,” debuting their first single, “Waves,” late last year. 

The band’s second single, “Simple Desire” is the band’s newest taste of their grit pop style. The band bends around a winding and entrancing melody but contains just enough of the band’s dusty grit to give the track a distinct character. The ethereal howl hanging behind Mercedes’ lead vocals, along with Fraser’s wiry guitar bends, create a weightless character for the melody, anchored only by an ever-steady rhythm section. The band conjures a fascinating and constantly shifting soundscape that expertly walks the line between discordant and melodious. 

The band says of the song, “We wrote ‘Simple Desire’ after a long time living in Berlin; after hedonistic club nights, seeing all the pleasure-seeking turned addiction, and after chasing all-consuming experiences in touring, through physical senses, never looking ahead. We wanted to recreate a sense of something addictive and disorienting, to make time warp and wrap around itself with Ed’s bending, pulsing guitar lines. We added the heavily effected vocal hooks and sliding synths to lure the listener into an unhealthier, gritty version of a pop song. The chorus arrives like an off-balance release – a strangely self-aware moment on the dance floor when you realise you’re not sure what the time is or how you got there.” Listen to “Simple Desire” below. 

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