December 6, 2021

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Live classical music back in Akron in March with Tuesday Musical

Live classical music is expected to come back to Akron soon, thanks to a new 133rd season announced Monday by Tuesday Musical.

After nine months of delays announcing a season due to the coronavirus, Akron’s venerable musical presenter will offer a shortened, five-concert subscription season from March through May that will kick off with a concert by bass virtuoso Edgar Meyer March 4 at the University of Akron’s  E.J. Thomas Hall.

The hall hasn’t officially reopened yet, but Tuesday Musical’s planned concerts are on the books at E.J. Thomas Hall, said Cynthia Snider, Tuesday Musical’s executive director.

“We’ve grappled with how, when and even if we could again share the joys of live music during these challenging times,” she said. “We realize this is a bold move. But we have built in, we think, so many safety protocols, flexible ticket options, concert cancellation protection.”

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