August 8, 2022

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Rocker Jax Hollow Releases Video ‘High Class Bitch’

Jax Hollow High Class Bitch single cover

Jax Hollow

Rock singer, songwriter, guitarist Jax Hollow releases new video ‘High Class Bitch’ and announces new album, Underdog Anthems coming February 2021.

Rock revival is getting a new infusion of energy. Jax Hollow’s new single and video for “High Class Bitch”  is out on all digital platforms December 18th. The first track is from Underdog Anthems, the debut album from singer-songwriter and shredder coming February 2021. Jax is truly an underdog on the upswing, graduating as one of just a handful of female guitar principles from Berklee School of Music. Her style of music is a blend of classic rock, blues, and Americana, like Chris Stapleton meets Pat Benatar, the album showcases Jax’s soulful vocals, raw storytelling, and real, authentic musical chops.

Watch “High Class Bitch” 

Andy Herrin from “Nashville’s Rock Station” 102.9 The Buzz writes, “Jax Hollow is a new addition to the Nashville music scene and is quickly claiming stake here. Her new single, “High Class Bitch” is everything rock n roll is supposed to be. Serious shredding, a great backing band, a catchy hook, and all the attitude you can handle. She reminds me of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown meets The Runaways with the edge of Veruca Salt in their 90s era. I get so stoked when I see newer artists coming in hot and I have a feeling Jax Hollow, now featuring one of my favorite drummers in town (Angela Lese formerly of The Dead Deads and Taco Mouth), is about to remind us all why we truly call Nashville “Music City.’”

With the release of Underdog Anthems, Jax unleashes the full power of her vagabond, soul-searching and heart-piercing anthems. Recorded and produced by the 90 million+ album-selling legend, Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row, Extreme, etc.), the album announces itself with the wailing vocals and searing guitar riffs of “High Class Bitch” — a bluesy, biting anthem full of personality.

For a stripped down acoustic number by Jax Hollow, check out her video “Drift Together”

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