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Heavenly, A Bout De Heavenly: The Singles, Damaged Goods | Under the Radar


A Bout De Heavenly: The Singles

Damaged Goods

Dec 30, 2020

Web Exclusive

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Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since Heavenly last released a record, yet their legacy lives on through the back pages of riot grrl, indie pop, and lo-fi. Heavenly were formed in 1989 after the dissolution of Talulah Gosh, themselves one of the fore-bearers of a scene that became known as C86. 

Heavenly released eight singles and four albums over a seven-year period that saw them work with legendary imprints Sarah Records, K, and Wiiija. They were often labeled twee by sections of the music press, but that seemed somewhat unfair when listening to the likes of “Atta Girl” and “Space Manatee,” which undoubtedly paved the way for acts like Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill to briefly infiltrate then subvert the mainstream. 

Based in Oxford, the five-piece—Amelia Fletcher (vocals/guitar), Cathy Rogers (keyboards), Peter Momtchiloff (guitar), Rob Pursey (bass), and Mathew Fletcher (drums)—were one of the most prolific singles bands from that era. Leaving behind a near flawless catalogue of 45s that still sound as fresh and invigorating today as they did when first issued. It was after drummer Fletcher tragically took his own life in 1996 that the name Heavenly was retired, although Amelia Fletcher and Pursey still make music together as The Catenary Wires. Momtchiloff is in a variety of bands while Cathy Rogers is perhaps best known as the presenter of Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge

Now for the first time, those eight singles and their B-sides have been put together by the folks at Damaged Goods. Entitled A Bout De Heavenly, it’s a long overdue collection that serves as a timely reminder of one of the most treasured bands to emerge from the UK indie scene’s halcyon era. 

Each and every one of the 17 tracks featured here bears all the hallmarks of the classic pop single. Whether it be jangly debut “I Fell In Love Last Night,” celebratory feminist anthem “P.U.N.K. Girl,” or lovelorn “So Little Deserve,” Heavenly were a special group that penned timeless pop gems in their sleep. (

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