December 4, 2023

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Huge Sean Feucht Concert Gathering

12.31.2020 | 9:00 PM | VALENCIA – Sean Feucht, known for his large worship gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, organized a huge event at Higher Vision Church in Santa Clarita for New Years Eve. Over 500 people, both masked and unmasked gathered in the parking lot infront of a huge stage. Cars lined The Old Road for about 3 miles. The event, called “Let Us Worship” is aimed to bring people together, and prove that worship should not stop with government protocols. Earlier this week on Wednesday, Feucht went to Skid Row and did an outreach, where he was reportedly close to people unmasked. Many believe his concerts could be considered “Super spreader” events because of the huge amount of people. Free masks were provided if people wanted them, but there was no one enforcing wearing them. Many people brought colorful flags to dance with. People can be seen praying on the floor. Attendees crowded up towards the front of the stage to get close to Feucht. People attending came from not only all over California, but all throughout the US. One man interviewed said he traveled all the way from Colorado to attend the event. He brought with him his horn, which is historically used to call people into battle. The event continues until midnight, where Feucht stated to “save your camera batteries, because I have a huge surprise for you” when on stage. According to Wikipedia, “Sean Feucht is an American politician, activist, Christian singer, songwriter and volunteer worship leader at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He ran as a Republican in California’s 3rd Congressional District.” According to the LA Public Health Twitter, every 10 minutes someone dies of COVID-19 in LA County.


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