December 4, 2023

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Controversial Christian Singer Sean Feucht Holds Concert In Valencia – CBS Los Angeles

VALENCIA (CBSLA) — Controversial Christian singer Sean Feucht held a concert Thursday night in Valencia to protest face coverings and limits on indoor church services.

To those in the crowd, the event was far more than a concert — it was a celebration of faith and an affirmation of their right to practice that faith at the latest stop on Feucht’s nationwide tour protesting pandemic restrictions.

“It doesn’t logically make sense for restaurants and grocery stores to be open but yet a church can’t be open,” Heather Sheltman, of Crescent City, said. “Like, we can’t worship.”

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But in Los Angeles County, that’s not true. Officials recently reversed a countywide ban on indoor church services due to a court ruling, though health experts still discourage attending in-person services due to the pandemic.

Though for some at the concert, staying away from religious services was too much to ask — even with concerns that a large-scale event — like those organized by Feucht — could become superspreader events.

“You know, it’s warranted,” Nancy Yeakle, of Arizona, said. “I have those concerns but this is something I really feel I need to be a part of and so I’m here, and we’re all gonna get the virus at some point, it’s a virus.”

“I’m not very concerned,” John Kay, of West Hills, said. “I feel that if I really need to I can wear my mask, and I also sense that there’s greater good in being here than there is being afraid of a virus.”

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But when pressed about the risk they might post to others if they contract the virus at the concert and take it home to their loved ones, they said there was an even greater risk.

“I think that there’s more harm done in shutting everything down than simply allowing the very God created need to socialize to flourish,” Kay said.

A number of those in attendance were from out of state, with many saying they have been following Feucht as he traveled across the country. Some even said they traveled by plane to attend the Valencia concert, a fact that will only raise further concern from people who have previously said Feucht’s events should not be happening.

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