December 2, 2023

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Tyrese & Samantha Gibson Announce Divorce After Nearly 4 Years of Marriage

In a follow-up IG post, the “Sweet Lady” singer explained how he believes that Black families and marriages, such as his own, are “under attack.” The nearly eight-minute montage clip he posted travels back in time to their tender moments as a couple and features a new song he recorded called “Better Days,” in which he reflects on the promise he made to her about seeing better days together.

“Pain got me back in the holy grail… [ the studio ] No there’s no album coming this was inspired by the love of my life Samantha…. Thank you for the years I hope you know that I did the very best I could… I truly did… #BetterDays,” he wrote. “I’ve wrestled with this question… How can we naturally know how to BE something we were never raised by? Most of us were raised in broken homes with NO examples of what being a husband, wife or FATHER is…. I repeat…. How can we naturally know how to BE something we were never raised by?”

For Tyrese’s 42nd birthday on Wednesday (Dec. 30), one day after they announced their split, Samantha posted a video of him and Soraya and thanked him for “going half on this angel with me.” “HANDS DOWN the best gift I’ve ever been given,” she continued. “You saw a mother in me when I truly didn’t see it for myself- a true visionary…. Soraya adores her Daddy Twin with her whole heart & we are hoping, praying, and wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Sending you positive vibes on this day.”

Tyrese later shared what she and their toddler got him for his birthday: a bouquet of flowers addressed to “King Gibson.” “Long night barely slept…. To wake up to this birthday love means the world to me…. Shifted the energy in and around my day….. @lovesamanthalee my forever….. -QueenGibson,” he captioned the video showing off the floral arrangements he received, the other being a gift from director Lee Daniels. Tyrese will be playing R&B singer-songwriter Teddy Pendergrass in an upcoming biopic, which will be co-produced by Daniels.

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