December 1, 2023

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Members Of The Country Music Community Share Their Stories From The Nashville Bombing

Downtown Nashville skyline (Photo: Sean Pavone/

While the full impact of the CHRISTMAS Day bombing in downtown NASHVILLE is yet to be known, the event was too close for comfort for some of the people and businesses that make up the Country music industry. CMT’s headquarters is just around the corner from the bombing site, but fortunately is thought to have sustained only minor damage.

A CMT spokesperson told ALL ACCESS, “We’re hearing that curfew in the area has not yet been lifted so we can’t say with 100% certainty, but as of now, it appears there was only some minor glass damage to the parking structure and doesn’t seem to have affected the actual office.” RYMAN HOSPITALITY’s WILDHORSE SALOON is one of the approximately 41 restaurants, bars and other businesses closer to the blast site that are believed to have sustained much more serious damage.

Meanwhile, at least two Country veterans found themselves troublingly close to the early morning bombing. BIG MACHINE RECORDS Dir./Midwest Promotion JC COFFEY lives just a few blocks away from where the early morning explosion took place, and told friends on FACEBOOK that the explosion “tore me out of bed.” Later in the day, he shared, “The blast shook my building and my windows at around 6:30 am, and to say it was horrifying just doesn’t do it justice. It was so loud and startling that I woke up trying to catch my breath. I’m very thankful to be writing this.”

And veteran music producer DAVID MALLOY was on the street near his SECOND AVENUE loft in the vicinity of the blast site, and was just being turned back by a police officer as the bomb detonated. He reported on FACEBOOK, “I was outside walking the dog half a block away and saw it blow up! Blew out our back windows [on] both floors.” In the days since, MALLOY’s story has been shared by numerous local and national media outlets as well as the U.K.’s DAILY MAIL. In interviews, he called his close call “my CHRISTMAS miracle.” Both MALLOY and his dog, DJ, were unharmed.

In another tie to the music industry, is reporting that bomber ANTHONY QUINN WARNER signed over two homes to LOS ANGELES-based AEG PRESENTS Artist Development Director MICHELLE SWING, one in JANUARY 2019 and another last month. SWING reportedly said she had no knowledge of the most recent home being signed over to her, and directed all other inquiries to the FBI.

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