December 1, 2023

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Celebrate Christmas Eve With Your Favorite Radio Station


Merry Christmas Eve

We’ve finally made it to the most awkward, challenging CHRISTMAS holiday in history. It’s time to slow down and be thankful for the little things that we have to celebrate this year. As many Americans are separated from family, or dealing with the loss of loved ones and economic difficulty, the desire for a little mental and emotional relief is strong.

Here’s the good news: radio as we know it is free. And many of our favorite radio stations are playing non-stop CHRISTMAS music to help get us through these difficult times. Make sure you stop for a minute to reflect on the positive things in life right now, and celebrate with your holiday station on in the background.

If your stations are flipping that all SANTA switch, send us the details, here.

  • KBBK/HD1 (B107.3)/LINCOLN, NE Dons The Santa Hat (NET NEWS 11/13) 
  • KDGE (STAR 102.1)/DALLAS Gets In A Festive Mood (NET NEWS 11/5)
  • KKCW (K103)/PORTLAND Flips The Switch To Christmas (NET NEWS 11/6)
  • KKGO/LOS ANGELES Flips From ‘Go Country’ To ‘Go Christmas’ (NET NEWS 12/2)
  • KMIY (My 92.9)/TUSCON Makes Festive Flip To Christmas (NET NEWS 11/10)
  • KOSI (KOSI 101.1)/DENVER To Light The Yule Log For The 19th Year 
  • KOEZ (104.1EZ)/DES MOINES Joins Christmas Club (NET NEWS 11/20)
  • KPOI (105.9 THE WAVE)/HONOLULU Lights Yule Log (NET NEWS 11/10) 
  • KPRZ (STAR 101.5)/SEATTLE Is Ready To Put The Star On Top Of The Tree (NET NEWS 11/23)  
  • KQXT (Q101.9)/SAN ANTONIO Now Rocking Around The Christmas Tree (NET NEWS 11/9)
  • KRWM (WARM 106.9)/SEATTLE Kicks Into Its 20th Year Of The Sounds Of The Season (NET NEWS 11/4)
  • KSSK/Honolulu Gets Holly Jolly (NET NEWS 11/17) 
  • KWML (Kool Oldies)/Las Cruces, NM Goes All-Christmas For The Holidays (Net News 11/25) 
  • KZRZ AC (Sunny 98.3)/Monroe, LA Makes The Christmas Flip (Net News 12/10)
  • WALK/LONG ISLAND, NY, Flips To Holiday Music On Friday (NET NEWS 11/11)
  • WBEB (B101.1)/PHILADELPHIA Is Making Spirits Bright (NET NEWS 11/12)
  • WDZH (98.7 THE BREEZE)/DETROIT Flips To All Christmas (NET NEWS 11/2)
  • WFUZ (ALT 92.1)/WILKES BARRE-SCRANTON Switches From Alternative To CHRISTMAS 92.1 (NET NEWS 11/5)
  • WGBR A-F/Goldsboro, NC Fires Up Yule Logs (NET NEWS 12/3)
  • WJBR (Mix 99.5)/WILMINGTON, DE Flips On The Christmas Lights (NET NEWS 11/3)
  • WJKK (MIX 98-7)/JACKSON, MS Unwraps Christmas Music (NET NEWS 11/10) 
  • WJPT (SUNNY 106.3)/FT. MYERS Now Ringing Jingle Bells (NET NEWS 11/12
  • WJXA (Mix 92.9)/NASHVILLE All Christmas Since (11/15)
  • WJSR/RICHMOND Flips From JACK To SANTA 100.9 (NET NEWS 10/14)
  • WKQC (K104.7)/CHARLOTTE (NET NEWS 11/19)
  • WLIT (93.9 LITE FM)/CHICAGO Teases Christmas Music (NET NEWS 10/12)
  • WLTW (106.7 LITE FM)/NEW YORK Flips On The Christmas Lights (NET NEWS 11/12)
  • WMTX (MIX 100.7)/TAMPA BAY Flips The Switch to Holiday Music (NET NEWS 11/9)
  • WOGT (107.9 NASH ICON)/CHATTANOOGA Goes All-Christmas (NET NEWS 11/6)
  • WPGF-LP/MEMPHIS Flips To 87.7@SANTA Christmas Music (NET NEWS 10/21)
  • WPLW (STAR 92.9)/RALEIGH, NC, Flips To Holiday Music (NET NEWS 11/2)
  • WQQL (COOL 93.9)/SPRINGFIELD, IL Goes Christmas (NET NEWS 12/2)
  • WROZ (FUN 101.3)/LANCASTER Punches The All Christmas Format Button (NET NEW 11/2)
  • WTNQ (Q104.9)/KNOXVILLE, TN flipped from Classic Country as SANTA 104.9 (NET NEWS 11/23)
  • WTOJ (Magic 103.1)/WATERTOWN, NY Feeling Christmas Magic (NET NEWS 11/11)
  • WTVR (Mix 98.1)/RICHMOND, VA Plugs In Christmas Music (NET NEWS 11/13) 
  • WWLY (WILD WILLIE 100.1)/PANAMA CITY, FL Flips To Country Christmas (NET NEWS 11/5)
  • WXKC (Classy 100)/Erie, PA Has Yule Log Burning (NET NEWS 11/19)

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